Nathaniel might have tasted success in Australia but he’s a global citizen with global aspirations, and he intends to stay that way.

Born in Cape Town, Nathaniel’s parents moved to Melbourne when he was just six and encouraged his natural gifts at an early age. He is determined, focused and hungry as ever.

Nathaniel first made an impact in Australia when he sailed through to the Top 6 of The X Factor with his soulful, soaring vocals. Nathaniel says, “that experience provided me with the essential building blocks to my artistry”, and that being on the show not only taught him to believe in taking risks, but also prepared him physically, emotionally and creatively for the momentum he wanted to create for himself.
That momentum rewarded Nathaniel in 2013 with a national Top 5 debut single ‘You’, a smooth, intoxicating RnB jam that demonstrated his signature vocals and was eventually accredited with triple platinum sales. Nathaniel released several more successful singles, including the uptempo funk hit ‘Live Louder’, which repeated the Top 5 multi platinum success of his debut, and showcased his incredible versatility and his refusal to be boxed into a particular genre.

In between releasing singles, Nathaniel headlined the successful Soulfest music festival alongside RnB superstars Maxwell, D’Angelo and Musiq Soulchild and toured around the country, which allowed him to tap into his favourite part of being an artist, “performing live”.

In 2015 he supported global icon and Grammy Award-winning artist Mariah Carey on her national tour. “Mariah is still one of the world’s most successful female artists, and to be able to open for her gigs was a great honour,” Nathaniel says. “Mariah invited me to perform ‘One Sweet Day’ on stage with her, a song she rarely performs live. It was definitely a defining moment in my career.” In 2016 Nathaniel supported one of his childhood idols Brian Mcknight, which will be a memory he’ll never forget.

Nathaniel propelled his momentum further when he released his debut album ‘Yours’, and not only did it ascend to the Top 5 of the Australian charts in late 2015 and attract widespread critical acclaim, but it also showcased Nathaniel’s songwriting skills. Nathaniel co-writes all of his songs, stating, “Writing music is definitely one of the best outlets for me to release all of my emotions." His most recent single ‘Mysterious Girl’ has been an online success with 100k + Spotify streams in under 2 weeks and Youtube video clip numbers of excess of 200k views in just a week. His successes continue to impress his worldwide audience.

Nathaniel is passionate, focused, and ready to elevate his career to the next level. “I don’t believe in limitations”, he says, “I’m a big dreamer and I want to keep pushing myself." He is currently working with international writers and producers, and continually exploring his creativity. While his vision is limitless, the world is his oyster.